Photography Tips for Beginners - Timer Mode

Whether you are a beginner or professional photography it is usually the little changes you make that have the greatest impact on your photos. As a beginner photographer there is a lot information out there that can confuse you and sometimes bring you to a standstill as it is so contradictory.

Our goal at Adventure Photography is simple, we want to help you build skills and confidence. We offer a no nonsense approach to photography and teach you the same tricks we use everyday to create wonderful imagery.

photography tips for beginners timer mode sharp photos
Timer Mode, allows you to capture sharp long exposure shots like this

Of all the built in functions in a camera, the Timer mode can make one of the greatest impacts on your photography. Simply because it helps you create, clean, crisp and sharp images when used properly.

What is timer mode? 

Timer Mode (2 seconds)

Simply the timer mode adds a delay between when you press the shutter button and when the button will actuate (fire). Depending on your camera this timer is usually adjustable between 1-10 seconds. We recommend 3-5 seconds.

But what does it do?

By adding a delay between the button press and the shutter actuation it minimises the movement in the camera and thus gives you sharper images.

There are a couple of rules that we will cover in separate posts in more detail but they are:

  1. Your camera is mounted on a sturdy tripod (on solid ground)

  2. Your camera or lens image stabilisation is turned OFF.

  3. Your lens is focused on your key subject (and camera then switched to manual focus mode)

  4. You don’t bump the tripod or camera

But with these simple rules and your timer mode you can capture great images, especially in low light with your camera.

Try timer mode today, find a lovely spot in the afternoon light and experiment with the timer mode, longer exposures and framing your subject well. You may surprise yourself.

If you need help and want to build skills or confidence then perhaps one of our weekend beginners courses or our sunset workshops is right for you. Check out our upcoming courses and workshops here and book your adventure TODAY.

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