Kosciuszko High Plains Photography Tour - Part One | Days 1-3

The Kosciuszko High Plains tour is our original tour and takes you into the northern region of the Kosciuszko National Park.

Logistically we depart from Sydney Monday morning after doing Airport and Hotel pickups and head south with our first stop morning tea in Goulburn.

After a relaxing morning tea where head south to Tumut. Tumut is the last big town we hit before heading into the more remote locations within Kosciuszko. We stop in Tumut for a BBQ lunch and our first photography location along the picturesque river banks of the Tumut River.

Picturesque Lunch Stop in Tumut

Following lunch we stop off at another beautiful spot in on the edge of town at the merging of the Tumut and Goobarragandra Rivers. Another scenic spot and a chance for a few more photos.

We jump back in the vehicles for the final destination for day one on the banks of Journama Creek. A stunning location with a deep flowing creek, home to Platypus and an abundance of birdlife. This creekside camp is the perfect place to complete day one with the sound of the birdlife and flowing water.

A Platypus preening itself on the banks of Journama Creek just near our campsite

Early on day two we head out to Journama Dam for a sunrise shoot over the waters of the reservoir before breakfast and then a brief visit to the final township before entering the remote areas of Kosciuszko at Talbingo.

After leaving Talbingo we climb up on to the Great Dividing Range stopping for a quick photo opportunity at Black Perry Lookout which overlooks some of the valleys we will visit.

About an hour after leaving Talbingo we leave the bitumen and head out on the dirt roads into the High Plains of Kosciuszko National Park.

Our first spot for exploration and photography is on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River on the timber bridge of the Port Phillip Trail. With river views, the bridge and an abundance of wildflowers this is a great place to stretch your legs and explore.

We then head down the Port Phillip trail catching sight of wild brumbies, birdlife and the open plains.

Our lunch time stop is on the shoreline of Tantangara reservoir, perfect for photography with the huge boulders rising from the shoreline. A swim is also great here on a hot day in the refreshing waters.

On the shore of Tantangara Reservoir

Following lunch we make our way back down the Port Phillip Trail and head to the Long Plain Hut where we will make camp for the evening. You will have time to relax or stretch your legs exploring the century old hut and it's surrounds.

From the campground we have extensive views over the Long Plain below.

For the early risers, we are camped in the perfect spot for sunrise views over the Long Plain before a hot breakfast and breaking camp.

Our first stop on day 3 is the interesting Cooninbul hut where we will explore the hut and its surrounds in the morning light.

Later we head on to Coolamine Homestead for exploration and photography in the daylight. Coolamine Homestead and it's outbuildings are both picturesque and fascinating. We will explore here and get to know the site so that when we return at night for an astro shoot we are comfortable with the environment.

Coolamine Homestead

Following Coolamine Homestead we head through to our campsite for the next two nights at Blue Waterholes. After setting up camp and lunch we will take a short hike approx 5km exploring the Nichols Gorge including visiting Coolamon & Murray Caves.

Weather permitting after dinner we will return to Coolamine Homestead for our Astro shoot under the Milky Way.

Coolamine Homestead under the Milky Way

Continues in Blog - Kosciuszko High Plains Photography Tour - Part Two | Days 4-6 (coming soon)

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