Equipment & Gear Guide for Adventure Photography Courses & Workshops

Here is a list of equipment you should have to do the course and tour. Some more specialised equipment may be required for the tour. Please check the suggested gear list when booking with Luke.


Your digital camera - You will need a digital camera that can take photos as Jpegs and RAW files. The ability to put the camera into manual mode is essential. Make sure you have spare batteries. If you don't have any camera gear don't worry! You can hire a compete kit for the weekend for just $99.


A lens - For this course a wide angle lens is ideal but not essential.


A tripod - This is essential for this course as we will be taking slow shutter photographs. 


A laptop - This is not essential but is recommended. We will be using Adobe Lightroom to process our images. You can download the 30 day free trail of Adobe Lightroom here.


A memory card reader - You will need to transfer your photos onto your laptop.


Lens cleaning equipment - It's always important to have a lens cloth and some cleaning fluid in your kit.


Your sleeping bag and pillow - It's always nice having your own sleeping bag and pillow when camping out.

A Headlamp - Having a headlamp around camp at night makes things so much easier. You can pick one up for under $10.