Adventure Photography came about to help people who wanted to take better photos, but didn't know where to start.


It was from these requests that the Weekend Photography Course was developed and the business has now expanded to include our Kosciuszko Photo Tour, we have more courses and tours in the pipeline too.


A little background on me...

John has always been a passionate traveler. He took his first international trip as a toddler and since that time his thirst for travel has grown to wanderlust.
John remembers having a Kodak Disc camera as a young boy. Since that time he has progressed through many cameras and formats. He remembers the anguish of losing a roll of 35mm film on a canal boat in Amsterdam during a trip in 2000. 
During the last few years John's passions have collided into a singular need and focus - to travel Australia and the world capturing the most beautiful sights.
Today John focuses on landscapes, particularly the golden hours at both ends of the day. John is one of those passionate people who loves nothing more than climbing out of bed at 4am to catch a magical sunrise.
John considers photography to be an art form and believes he is immensely fortunate to be able to travel the world to capture breathtaking sights. John loves nothing more than sharing his passion with others.